24-02-2018 17:41
Campaigners want Anglesey to become Wales' first county to ditch single-use plastic items.
24-02-2018 17:38
The Welsh contestant wowed the 100-strong panel on the BBC talent show
24-02-2018 17:35
Carlos Carvalhal's men came back down to earth with a bump at the Amex Stadium
24-02-2018 17:33
The Bluebirds boss claims rivals Bristol City go about things with an unglamorous style
24-02-2018 17:32
Roger Tiley's pictures will now be showcased in an exhibition
24-02-2018 17:00
Fire chief Sabrina Cohen-Hatton took on the project after an agonising incident with her fiancé
24-02-2018 16:59
It was a very bad day at the office for Swansea, who are now back in the bottom three
24-02-2018 16:35
She also appeared alongside Rhys Ifans in hit film Notting Hill
24-02-2018 16:04
Ireland beat Wales 37-27 in a thrilling match in Dublin to make it three wins from three in the 2018...
24-02-2018 11:27
Shane Williams will appear in court in March alongside five other men.
24-02-2018 10:42
Customers at a pub in Wrexham must agree to lock their phones in a box throughout their meal.
24-02-2018 07:18
The father of a man who is in a coma says he cannot understand why his son was "left for dead".
24-02-2018 07:04
People want HGVs to stop using a narrow road after a 12th Century church wall is repeatedly damaged.
24-02-2018 06:44
One victim said she was threatened with her house being burned down if she could not repay her loan.